In the final episode of the ACTE Middle School Podcast series as host Chaney Mosley chats with Louisa County Public School’s Bo Bundrick, Director of Career and Technical Education and his colleague Kenneth Bouwens, Coordinator of Career and Technical Education.

Join ACTE’s Chaney Mosley for episode 4 of the middle school podcast series as he chats with Heather Justice, the Division Director of College, Career and Military Prep at the Texas Education Agency. From work-based learning to different school models, Heather Justice talks about what it’s like serving the 5.3 million students in the state of Texas. You can follow Heather on LinkedIn.

The third installment of ACTE’s Career Exploration in Middle School podcast series features Agriscience Teacher and FFA Advisor, Dr. Robin C. McLean. Dr. McLean opens up about what it means to teach agriculture to middle school students and how to use the classroom to promote career exploration. You can follow Dr. McLean on Twitter.

In the second episode of ACTE’s Career Exploration in Middle School podcast series, Doug Cullen, manager of career services at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, New Hampshire, discusses what it means to manage career and technical education at a comprehensive high school in middle school and beyond. You can follow Pinkerton Academy's CTE Department on Twitter and Facebook.

ACTE has developed a new podcast series dedicated to middle school career exploration. Hear Nasheba Pritchett, licensed professional school counselor at Goodlettsville Middle School, in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, discuss “Preparing Middle School Students for High School Choices” in the first of five episodes. You can follow Nasheba on Twitter.


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